Life is a verb

Running away from fear is fear, fighting pain is pain, trying to be brave is being scared. If the mind is in pain, the mind is in pain. The thinker has no other form than his thought. There is no escape.*
Alan Watts

[Awe] gives and expanded sense of time, which turn lowers our stress, leads us to feel more satisfied with our lives, and prompts us to act more generously and compassionately towards others. … Powerful moments of awe, can help reconnect us to our values, remind us of that truly matters, and put our lived into a great cosmic perspective.**
Jonah Paquette

Life is hard,^
But it is
also filled with beauty.
We make life harder when
we separate ourselves from the beauty
waiting to break upon our consciousness,
Even the joy of a rose or magnolia or foxglove, waiting patiently
to catch our eye as we leave our homes in the morning, is now
lost to monoblock and fake grass.
Robin Wall Kimerer^^ reports that
70% of Potawatomi words are verbs –
In contrast to English’s 30% –
So that is not a garden, but it is
“to be a garden” –
Such can be our experience.
You and I do not have a life, but we are
a life, or, as
Viktor Frankl describes this: we are to
actualise the content in our own act of being.*^
Returning to Robert Macfarlane’s reporting of
“childishness” in four and five year olds engaging with
the natural world, it was noted how,
paradox was, instead of a tool for collapsing meaning, a means of holding incompatibilities in rich relation^*.
I have wondered how
some of this might be retained into adulthood
as childlikeness, being open to wonder
as a way of embracing hardship.

*Katherine May’s Wintering;
**Jonah Paquette’s Awestruck
^The first of Richard Rohr’s elemental truths: Adam’s Return;
^^Robin Wall Kimerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass;
*^Viktor Frankl’s Yes to Life;

^*Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks.

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