It’s possible

School and work push us to avoid real dreams. Dreamers are dangerous, impatient and unwilling to tolerate the status quo. Existing systems would prefer we simply fit in. The dreams we need to teach are the dreams of self-reliance and generosity. The only way for us to move forward is to encourage and amplify the work of people who are willing to learn, to see and to commit to making things better.*
Seth Godin

Every move an infinite player makes is towards the horizon. Every move made by a finite player is within a boundary. Every moment of an infinite game therefore presents a new range of possibilities.**
James Carse

It’s not that some have way more attributes than others,
It’s that some know how to
make the most of what
they have noticed about themselves:
They have stepped towards the horizon and
the horizon has moved.
Seth Godin references the two dreams of
self-reliance and generosity;
These align with Theory U’s two questions –
Who is my True Self? and
What is my contribution?
And with Joseph Campbell’s two myths that we need,
These being the personal
and the social.
When we emphasise these in our lives,
then something new begins spinning
around and between the two:

*Seth Godin’s blog: Our dreaming opportunity;
**James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.

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