Sheer genius?

genius (n.) late 14c., “tutelary or moral spirit” who guides and governs an individual through life, from Latin genius “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation; wit, talent;” also “prophetic skill; the male spirit of a gens,” originally “generative power” (or “inborn nature”)

Genius is inseparable from the creative process. The word “genius” is expressive of the capacity to be generative. The genius gives birth to something new. The genius creates. The mark of true genius is that the impossible becomes possible. The unknowable becomes knowable. The invisible becomes visible. The genius speaks the future into existence.*
Erwin McManus

Today, we popularly think of a genius
as being a standout person of great intelligence,
But the reality is that
we all have genius,
Though I don’t think it’s something
set at birth,
Rather, I see it as a plasticity to be shaped and
manipulated as our curiosities grow, our
fascinations lead us, and
we begin the hard work.
Though some are trampled down and whilst
others choose not to explore their depths and
many fill their lives with unsatisfying, temporary things,
It’s never too late to grow our genius, and to
keep on growing.

*Erwin McManus’ The Genius of Jesus.

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