Logos x mythos

Everything has to work. A new idea or an invention had to be capable of rational proof and be shown to conform to the external world.
Karen Armstrong

There is something lying beyond the perfect of
Not imperfect
as such, but
more human, more
lively, more
Joseph Campbell spoke of our need
for new myths,
For two myths:**
A personal myth and
a social myth,
To understand life and our place
in the world;
The old myths,
Campbell said, no longer
serve us as we need them to
in our logos-shaped world:
Karen Armstrong concurs:
Like poetry and music, mythology should awaken us to rapture, even in the face of death and the despair we may feel at the prospect of annihilation. If a myth ceases to do that, it has died and outlived its usefulness.*
But myths have been with us
since the earliest burial rites,
And they will be with us for
our future,
Not the little stories of
social media and
weekends and
holidays, but the extraordinary tales
of the greater good of
our lives and how we connect with our
ailing world and
enjoin with others – these stories
held in so many rituals that reveal
The beauty of their

*Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth:
**Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power o
f Myth.

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