The yes inside

The True Self has knocked on both the hard bottom and high ceiling of reality and had less and less need for more verbal certitudes or answers that always fit. It has found its certainty elsewhere and now lives inside a YES that is so big that it can absorb most of the little noes.*
Richard Rohr

My fascination with genius and my openness to God were both rooted in a desperate search for something to translate my life from the mundane to the transcendent. … One thing I have learned over my lifetime: We search for what we lack, and we long for what we fear we don’t possess.**
Erwin McManus

There is more inside of us than we know –
We are full of adjacent possibilities for how we might
mix our talents and values and energies.
Life is our opportunity to explore,
Not just a part of it –
Our youth or our working years, but
all of it,
Moments upon moments of expression for what we uncover,
So it’s never too late to begin –
Indeed, we’ll simply find more
towards our richer story.
Erwin McManus won’t know this, but it was
a week spent with him
more than seventeen years ago
that set me on the trajectory of the dreamwhispering work I
do today;
His fascination helped me to keep
seeking and asking and knocking.

*Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond;
**Erwin McManus’ The Genius of Jesus

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