Give me the full story

when we listen to a story, our brain experiences the action as if it was happening to us*
Annie Murphy Paul

Julia Cameron’s morning pages help unlock something inside. Not the muse or a magical mystical power, but simply the truth of our chosen identity. If you do something creative each day, you’re now a creative person. Not a blocked person, not a striving person, not an untalented person. A creative person.**
Seth Godin

Stories are not only for
Research is showing that we learn more when the facts are presented
as a story,
We also remember more.
It’s why dreamwhispering doesn’t bring a person
to a list list of
talents, energies and values, but to
their story.
When we write these down, not only do we find clarity,
We also find intent:
On your marks,

*Annie Murphy Paul’s The Extended Mind;
**Seth Godin’s The Practice.

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