We go to a place of abundance

Because it’s not for you. It’s for them. Generosity unlocks doors inside of us.*
Seth Godin

In reality, the secret is simple. When the heart is aligned with its eternal image, abundance cascades forth from that place of origin, infinitely more powerful than the scarcity and constriction of the world.**
Cynthia Borgeault

Do you find your way to your place of abundance at the
beginning of the day –
Whether for a free moments or longer?
I go to the words of others:
My “blog tribe” folder of posts –
Containing almost 400 blogs,
Freely given by a host of people I mostly do not know;
I’m waiting for a number of books to arrive,
Second-hand and costing a £few
but rich with ideas that are new to me;
And ancient scriptures, familiar and
always unfamiliar.
Your abundance may be quite different:
A reflective walk,
Holding a generous thought,
Being still with a beautiful piece of music …
The generosity of others provides us with an abundance
out of which we shape a generous day.

*Seth Godin’s post The lifeguard hack;
**Cynthia Bourgeault’s The Meaning of Mary Magdalene.

2 thoughts on “We go to a place of abundance

  1. Ha! I just shared that Godin quote today on FB. Et voila! Love a synchronicity ~ like a kiss from the heavens. Wish I’d seen this first. Sharing your doodle with it would have made it more fun…

  2. Thanks, Donna. I’m still catching up with comments, and I love this connection through Saint Seth.

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