And it was good, possibly very good

The attentive consciousness can be regarded as the very space of our personalities.*
José Ortega y Gasset

creativity starts with engaging with the world on our own terms, noticing what others miss, and attending to what matters most to you**
Rob Walker

Bernadette Jiwa poses the question,
What would you do if you could not fail?,^
Then replaces it with a better one:
What would you do even though you might fail?^
It is far more likely that the second question will help us
identify what it is we most want to do
with our lives.
gapingvoid adds further nuance by suggesting
this will be something that is marked by goodness, that:

doing good was our greatest source of happiness^^.

When it comes to the thing that we’re noticing most of all in life,
You may want to spend a little more time with it
and see how you can bring it alive for someone else.

*Maria Popova’s The Marginalian: Whom We Love and Who We Are: José Ortega y Gasset on Love, Attention, and the Invisible Architecture of Our Being;
**Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing: Useless, and valuable;
^The Story of Telling: On Doing the Work That Is Calling To Us;
^^ The Quest for our higher self.

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