Words and pictures

This is how I make a book: by hiding from writing by drawing or the other way around.*
Edward Carey

We reshape ourselves as we write.**
Ross Macdonald

I found myself this morning
reading a lot of texts on
Here’s Bruce Feiler connecting to
Ross Macdonald,
Noting how those he interviewed
were able to transition better from
the past to the future
if they wrote about it:

Central to the act of writing is a process of growth, of slowly gaining control of their narratives. … The act of writing speeds up the act of meaning-making.^

A la Edward Carey,
Here is Lynda Barry putting together
writing and drawing:

When we get stuck [writing] instead of forcing or stopping we can go to the extra paper on our desk and start to draw a spiral.^^

I am thinking this is so important that I am
to suggest to those I am dreamwhispering with
that firstly
we spend some time exploring mindful journaling,
Including writing and
so the adventure may continue.

Let me know if you would be
in a session.

*Austin Kleon’s blog: My interview with writer and artist Edward Carey;
**Peter Turchi’s A Muse and A Maze;
^Bruce Feiler’s Life Is In the Transitions;
^^Lynda Barry’s What It Is.

2 thoughts on “Words and pictures

  1. Thank you for letting me know, Lesley. We need to get something in our diaries. How do your Friday afternoons look?

    Sorry to be slow getting back to you. I’ve had to wait for a day and a half of leave to arrive to catch up with a load of things.

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