Beyond circles, stages and the linear?

interesting work starts with interesting thinking … and thinking is out reliably spurred by walking*
Oliver Burkeman

Bruce Feiler outlines how life has been seen
through the ages:
The circle of life,
The stages of life,
The linear life.

Life is more dynamic
and more complex
then any of these paradigms allow –
Though I realise,
When it comes to the work that I do,
I take something from each,
Perhaps because they all contain
valuable and, therefore,
Helpful insights.

Put them together,
And more,
And perhaps you have a doodle paradigm,
From dawdling,
A way of walking that is
full of noticing.

What do you think?

*Oliver Burkeman’s Subtle Maneuvers blog: The artist Charles Ray walks to Burger King ever day.

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