The elaborator

That, I think, is the power of ceremony: it marries the mundane to the sacred. The water turn to wine, the coffee to prayer. … What else can you offer the earth, which has everything? What else can you give ut something of yourself. A homemade ceremony … .*
Robin Wall Kimmerer

Improvement is not just about learning habits, I’d also about fine-tuning them.**
James Clear

It is far too easy
to lose sight of how amazing
is the story we are a part of
for a little while.

We can unfamiliarise it by
and gazing towards an object
close by,
Or opening a moment or two
for writing its description,
Or to draw or doodle it
into its moreness.
I know what you’re thinking:
It must be the same with people –
You’re not wrong,
And what now?

*Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass;
**James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

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