Just get lost

just about any occupation can be a job, career, or calling*
Angela Duckworth

The question then is how to get lost. Never to get lost is not to love, not to know how to get lost brings you to destruction, and somewhere in the terra incognito in between lies a life of discovery.**
Rebecca Solnit

We do not have to venture far
To become lost,
We only need to
wander more deeply into the reality of who we are
and the truth of where we are.
As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote,

The human being knows himself only insofar as he knows the world; he perceives the world only in himself, and himself only in the world.  Every new object, clearly seen, opens up a new organ of perception in us.^

And we also add other explorers to this list because,

The closer we look at what other people believe and do, the more clear it is that our view of the world doesn’t precisely match theirs. It never has but now it’s magnified. No one believes what I believe, not exactly.^^

Becoming lost,
Moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar,
May be all we need to move from
a job
to a career
to a calling
without changing occupation.

*Angela Duckworth’s Grit;
**Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost;
^David Rome’s Your Body Knows the Answer;
^^Seth Godin’s blog: Points of view.

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