Talent, grit and awe

Self-expression is a natural by-product of your work, because you are doing it. If the purpose of the project is to express yourself, there is a danger there will be no surprises.*
Corita Kent and Jan Steward

In my view, the biggest reason a preoccupation with talent can be harmful is simple: By shining our spotlight on talent, we risk leaving everything else in the shadows. We inadvertently send the message that these other factors – including grit – don’t matter as much as they really do.**
Angela Duckworth

Talent, grit and awe –
Each can be developed, grown.

Talent is truth,
Is how it is,
Is how I am,
Is a beginning:

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.^

So remarked Carl Rogers,
In whose words I sense a humility,
Carefully positioning us in life
for gratitude and awe and surprise:

To listen takes time, … to learn to hear the world within and the world without, to attend to the quiet voice of life and heart alike.^^

And if we were to give expression to truth and awe
in hundreds of different ways
then we would be building grit,
Growing perseverance.

Today is simply another day for exploring
three quests,
One path.

*Corita Kent and Jan Steward’s Learning By Heart;
**Angela Duckworth’s Grit;
^David Rome’s Your Body Knows the Answer;
^^Maria Popova’s The Marginalian blog: An Illustrated Ode to Attentiveness and the Art of Listening as a Wellspring of Self-Understanding, Empathy for Others, and Reverence for the Loveliness of Life

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