Not done yet

That feels like fun to me, but work to others? … What makes me lose track of time? … Where do I get greater returns than the average person? … What comes naturally to me?*
James Clear

There is a STATE OF MIND which is NOT ACCESSIBLE BY THINKING. It sees to require a participation WITH SOMETHING.**
Lynda Barry

As I read James Clear’s
Intended to help me figure out which habits to focus on developing,
I find myself thinking about how,
When it comes to my particular kinds of activeness,^
I have hardly begun,
Never mind being ready to retire.

(I want to add a note of thanks to those who have recently signed up
to follow thin|silence.
I hope the daily posts encourage you in the amazing things you find you
be about.)

*James Clear’s Atomic Habits;
**Lynda Barry’s What It Is;
^Thank you to Erich Fromm for his word to describe the opposite of passiveness.

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