On being faithful (or, Into the action verbs)

Only the person who has faith in himself is able to be faithful to others, because only he can be sure that he will be the same at a future times as he is today, and, therefore, that he will feel and act as he now expects to.*
Erich Fromm

What if your life is like a story and you and I are in the theatre of our own minds, looking out the cameras of our eyes, and the story unfolding feels either meaningful or meaningless based on what we decide to make happen in it? … meaning is only experienced in motion**
Donald Miller

Faithfulness is about putting
who we are
and what we have
into action.

It requires that we be faithful to ourselves,
To notice what fascinates and intrigues us most,
And to our desires and passions.
If we cannot find things to be faithful to in ourselves,
How can we be faithful as we need to be for others?

There is stuff that each of us does that gives us energy –
A lot of energy to do more stuff –
It is critical we notice what this is;
There is other stuff we each do that sucks energy out of us
faster than Buddy the Elf can empty a bottle of coke
It may be even more critical that we notice this.

Here’s a simple thing to do that I’ve shared before:
Keep two lists –
A “loved it” list and a “loathed it” list.
When you notice you are highly energised,
Make a note right then of what it is:^
Likewise, when you are being greatly de-energised
by something you are doing,
Make a note of what it is.

You have to be faithful to what is on the loved it list and DO more of these;
You have to be faithless to what’s on your loathed it list,
But if you can’t avoid these things,
Manage them with the contents on your loved it list.

*Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving;
**Donald Miller’s Hero On a Mission (emphasis mine);
^The things to make a note of are: What are you doing?, why are you doing it?, who are you doing it with or for?, and, when are you doing it?

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