And this story was just right

The best stories and novels lead the reader not to an explanation, but to a place of wonder.*
Peter Turchi

Here’s another rule about stories that will help each of us live a more meaningful life: try not to want too many things.**
Donald Miller

Too little content or too much
and we’ll soon lose interest in the
book we’re reading or the
movie we’re watching.

This is a observation benefits us when it comes to shaping our
personal stories;
Too few or too many themes and we’ll begin to lose interest:
We’ll probably have the appearance of being on autopilot.

As I’ve been thinking about a new project to work on,
I’ve needed to be clear about the number of themes to pursue,
To be clear whether this new thing fits with
or gets in the way of the bigger plot.

Why not take a moment to name your major themes?
I realise mine are reading, journaling, blogging, doodling and dreamwhispering:
They interlink and my new project fits with them, and so will keep me

Over to you.

*Peter Turchi’s A Muse and A Maze;
**Donald Miller’s Hero on a Mission.

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