Is it meaningful and enjoyable yet?

Hedonia is about feeling good; eudaemonia is about living a purpose-filled life. In truth we need both. … At the nexus of joyful and meaningful is interesting.*
Arthur Brooks

Researchers found that amongst a group of workers how
those who chose meaning over enjoyment had more passion for their work
and changed jobs less often.

Arthur Brooks’ point is that
it doesn’t have to be
And that it’s best if it can be

At the nexus of joyful and meaningful is interesting.*

Which reminds me of my answer to a question my friend and mentor Alex
asked of a group of explorers that had gathered with him:

What does it mean to you to be human?

I’ve shared this several times before,
How I couldn’t answer right away,
But reflected on this and eventually came back with my response:

For me to be human is to live with
creativity, generosity and enjoyment.

It became my meaning and purpose to help others to find theirs;
Let me know if I can help.

*Arthur Brooks’ From Strength to Strength.

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