Hello neighbour

When I operated out of villain energy, I became more and more isolated. … We know we are surfacing villain energy when we dismiss other people’s comments or when we think of them as lesser.*
Donald Miller

Each of us must please our neighbour for the good purpose of building up the neighbour.**
The Apostle Paul

The rain was falling heavily,
And around twenty of us were sheltering beneath a gazebo
as we celebrated the sunflower festival
on the little estate where we are neighbours.

Everyone one got a prize for the sunflower(s) grown:
Tallest in a pot …
Most beautiful flower …
Making an effort (when the seed had failed) –
Looking for a reason for everyone to be included in the prizes
(daffodil bulbs to be planted for the spring).

It looked like we all enjoyed the hour or so,
Despite the rain,
As we shared prizes and cake and chocolates and drinks.

Giving up on being victims and villains,
Humans can be heroes at finding ways to be

The most direct way forward is to default to more respect, simply because that’s what people deserve.^

*Donald Miller’s Hero on a Mission;
**Romans 15:2;
^Seth Godin’s blog: A reallocation of respect.

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