Time to confess

This strategy of stepping back and observing our minds at work in the present moment is what unites Buddhist thought, mindfulness-based self-help, [Eckhart] Tolle’s philosophy, and [Accepteance and Commitment Therapy] interventions.*
Anna Katharina Schaffner

Reduce the friction associated with good behaviours. … Increase the friction associated with bad behaviours.**
James Clear

Sometimes I play with the word confession:
Confess what is good and wonderful about

Try this at least once a day
Journaling being a great place to be both
playful and serious about confessing.

We become aware,
How other things impede our goodness and wonder,
And then the more traditional sense of confessing
becomes a blessing
for getting out
and sorting through the rough and not so splendid stuff.

Better out than in.

Whether to the universe, a journal or your god,
A practice of resetting and realigning at least once a day,
And perhaps several times,
Is a great way of getting back to living
life in all its fullness.

*Anna Katharina Schaffner’s The Art of Self Improvement;
**James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

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