Let’s draw that out

This depressing truth – everyone suffers – led to [George] Vaillant‘s first revelation, which is that our mental health is defined by how we cope.*
Jonah Lehrer

Drawing is so much more THAN GOOD OR BAD. IT IS A language from another part of you.**
Lynda Barry

Writing is one of the best ways to work through the difficult things that life
simply is.
And when we add some pictures, it becomes even stronger.
when words are difficult to find,
Drawing something out –
Not in some fancy, polished way,
But in a scratchy, playful way –
May be the place we need to begin
finding the words.

Lynda Barry is doing just this in What It Is,
Julia Cameron offers us morning pages,
There are many different ways.
I began journaling every day some twenty five years ago
to help me figure things out,
accompanied by my higher being,
like Journaling Anonymous,
And I keep on developing it.

It’s just a simple thing I thought to
offer up this morning,
Simple and inexpensive,
Simple and immediate,
Simple and significant.

*Jonah Lehrer’s A Book About Love;
**Lynda Barry’s Making Comics.

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