And … or

Every life is a piece of art, put together with all means available.
Pierre Janet

In the presence of the God of Beauty our own beauty shines.**
John O’Donohue

This and that.

But we cannot do “anything” and we cannot do
“everything” –
This is the deception of “And.”

This or that.

We can do “something” and we can become “someone” –
This is the freedom of “Or.”

We will know this path by its heart, service
and suffering,
But it is our home.

When I connected dreamwhispering with my university’s^ list of
student attributes, I selected identity, resilience and creativity for their resonance.
Only this morning,
I found myself connecting these to Erwin McManus’ three human quests
for honour, nobility and enlightenment^^

The quests lead us firstly through
Humility, gratitude and faithfulness,
helping us to determine identity.

These in turn grow
integrity, wholeness and perseverance,
All necessary to resilience, a garden of possibility.

The fruits of which are
courage, generosity and wisdom,
The gifts we bring to others.

*Quoted in Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score;
**John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty;
^The University of Edinburgh;
^^Erwin McManus’ Uprising.

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