Wonder beyond understanding

I would rather wonder than know. … I think wondering is a way of inhabiting and lingering. There seems to be more dwelling. To dwell, inhabit and linger. I’m interested in those things. And you can do that when you don’t know.*
Mary Rueffle

We do not need understanding, we do not want understanding, we want love. Understanding already separates the observer from the observed. It is faintly condescending, faintly superior.**
M. C. Richards

To wonder or to understand?
Such a difficult choice.

Is there is another way?
To know and yet wonder?

It would be the most difficult way of all:
To grow in knowledge and also in our sense of wonder
in all our discoveries:
In each other, in our world of things and ideas,
In ourselves and beyond.

As creatures of wonder,
It seems to me that it is this way
Mary Rueffle and M. C. Richards
desire to take them
beyond understanding alone.

*Quoted in Austin Kleon’s blog: To wonder rather than know;
**M.C. Richards’ Centering.

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