Because you don’t have to be anybody else

Pursuing art is not just a matter of finding the time – it is a matter of having a free spirit to bring to it.*
Stella Bowen

A creative person. Initiating, enacting. Using his lifetime to find his original face, to awaken his own voice, beyond all learning, habit, thought. When the human community finally knows itself, it will discover that it lives at the centre. Men will be artists in their life and labour.**
M. C. Richards

Humility takes you to our inner being and secret heart –
Not to be less than others but so you might be more of your self,
A place not of confinement but of unknown,
Even endless, possibility,
Unfettered by the need to be like others,
Free to be who only you can be,
In this moment that only you may live:

Everyone seems to have forgotten that to live wonder-smitten by reality and be enchanted by the possible is not the stuff of science fiction but the core of our humanity.^

*Stella Bowen, quoted in Mason Currey’s blog Subtle Manoevers: Advice on Writing and Love;
**From M. C. Richards’ Centering;
^Maria Popova, from The Marginalian blog: Into the Heart of Life: Richard Powers on Living with Bewilderment at the Otherworldly Wonder of Our World.

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