Don’t be a stranger

And no matter how hard you look, you’re almost invisible
to yourself,
Camouflaged by familiarity.*

Verlyn Klinkenborg

When you feel the rush of fear as you put your point of view, your art, or your idea out into the world, this is not an invitation to step back into the shadows; it’s a sign that you’re at the edge, right where you should be, exploring how things might be.**
Martin Amor and Alex Pellew

It is too easy to hide.

Some hide in quietness,
Like me,
Others in noise.
Some hide in fear,
Others in a belief
they have nothing to bring.

But there is more to each of us,
More than we know ourselves,
More than a whole lifetime can uncover
in the hidden, secret, dark places of our lives.

I tell myself,
There is still time to stop hiding –
This is certainly true.
There is even more if I begin today.

*From Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several short sentences about writing;
**From Martin Amor and Alex Pellew The Idea in You.

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