Me and my dragon

When you have named your dragon, how will you face it?

Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts name six archetypes:

a. The Innocent (doesn’t know the dragon exists)
b. The Orphan (overwhelmed or consumed by the dragon)
c. The Martyr (persecuted by the dragon)
d. The Wanderer (avoids the dragon)
e. The Warrior (fights the dragon)
f. The Sorcerer (accepts the dragon)*

You will see how it is possible to be all of these at some point
in facing our dragon,
But arguably the healthiest,
or so it seems to me,
Is to become a sorcerer,
Using our alchemistic powers
to receive and transform the dragon.

(More to follow on what makes a sorcerer.)

*From Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts’ The Hero’s Journey.

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