Reasons to be playful (part 3)*

Everything changes once you see how the universe is designed for abundance and not for scarcity. It not only changes the condition of your life but it changes you.**
Erwin McManus

To be generative, you cannot be only serious. You’ve got to be able to play.^
Robert Dilts

It has been said that we live in a universe in which life eats life.
It isn’t difficult to see where the notion of the universe being a place of scarcity comes from.

The first elemental truth states that life is hard,^^
But … .

The but is important,
It’s where something quite wonderful can take place.

In one sense,
the universe is neither a place of scarcity nor abundance,
It is what it is.

Scarcity and abundance exist in our higher consciousness,
How we see and how we behave makes all the difference.

Quite unaware,
The universe has opened a field of possibility for us,
Resulting in our species’ unmatched awareness,
With all of its inquisitiveness, questioning, imagining and creativity.

Quite simply, we are generative beings,
Capable of opening or withholding fields of possibility both for ourselves
and for others.

Not to put too fine a point on it,
Abundance and scarcity are found in our hands.

Therefore, many beliefs, faiths, philosophies and religions
encourage us to play.

devote yourself to nourishing this animating spirit. Bring all your enthusiasm to bear on the development of that good and essential force*^.

*This is the soundtrack that came to mind, from Ian Dury and the Blockheads;
**From Erwin McManus’ The Last Arrow;
^From Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts’ The Hero’s Journey;
^^From Richard Rohr’s Adam’s Return;
*^From Nick Cave’s blog: The Red Hand Files #181.

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