Environmental controls

You need an environment that continually calls to mind your future self. If your environment doesn’t continually bring your future self to the forefront, then your environment is activating a different you.*
Ben Hardy

I am constantly being bombarded with influences from my environment. I only wish to throw some of them back. To create energies/influences that will affect others, as theirs affect me.**
Keith Haring

Each day contains many influencing environments,
Noticed and unnoticed,
Unfamiliar or familiar,
Systems, organisations, people.

The prime environment, however,
Is one’s calling,
A space where talents and values and energies
concentre in an indefatigable and imaginative bond,
And which we carry wheresoever we go.

It is not mysterious.
We do not have to go on some globe-scouring odyssey.
Closer than breathing,
It reveals through slow attention
in a loud and busy world.

*From Ben Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent;
**From Keith Haring’s Keith Haring Journals.

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