The good story

“Good story” means something worth telling that the world wants to hear. Finding this is your lonely task.*
Robert McKee

Do we also recognise that we already have within us everything we need for our own becoming?**

The unique life does not come to us
whether we are rich or poor.
Each must explore towards its discovery:

writers of unique characters underpin their creativity with research^.

Journeying both outwards and inwards,
Paying attention, asking questions,
Gathering riches, trading wonders,
imagining, curating,
Offering a gift to someone, somewhere.

Our deep joy meeting someone’s great need.

*From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: Why a Love of Good Stories Is Not Enough;
**From Mary Ruth Broz and Barbara Flynn’s Midwives of an Unnamed Future;
^From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: The Secret of One of a Kind Characters.

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