What’s in your backyard?

Lisa Germany wanted to put on a photography exhibition. The result was “In My Backyard.”

The work of ten local photographers of Nuuk, Greenland, the only limitation was an extension of the backyard to 300 metres from their homes, vertically as well as horizontally.*

What if you were to engage in something similar?

What would you want me to see from your “backyard.”

Never one to miss a metaphor when it offers itself: what about the things from your life that you have come to appreciate over the years, though perhaps hadn’t at first?

How would you represent these?

A story, a picture, a doodle, a sculpture, a planting?

Ben Hardy offers five steps for making the shift from something missing in our lives – a gap – to something important – a gain:

  1. Shift past meanings from Gap to Gain
  2. Think of 1-3 Negative Pat Experiences
  3. List all the benefits of these
  4. Have a conversation between pas and future self
  5. Change the past self’s identity narrative.*

*The project also encouraged Nuuk locals to participate with their own pictures.
**From Ben Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent.

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