I’ve previously mentioned an initiative to support the people of Ukraine from the University of Edinburgh and its Chaplaincy that you may be interested in.

This has been inspired by Tatiana, a Ukrainian woman interviewed by the BBC who made the following plea:

We need the world to light up your hearts for Ukraine and for God.

The website has now been published and there is a vigil to take place on Thursday (7th April) in Edinburgh.

One of the things to be encouraged is the growing of sunflowers in as many places around the globe as possible (there’s a map to populate on the website):

We can gather, we can recklessly sow seeds of hope, literally doing so with sunflowers that will bloom with audacity as they salute the sun and sky in freedom.**

*From the website.

2 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. Tracy Cochran, by way of Parabola Magazine said, “It was accepted that real change today cannot be top down, focused on great leaders or established institutions. It must be “many-to-many,” flowing from small acts of kindness, building on existing relationships and resources, emergent, not forcing pre-determined results.” This quote was not about Ukraine, but is applicable… as I see this to be so with any universal truth. Only love conquers hate. Inhale pain, exhale joy ~

  2. Thank you for sharing these words, Donna. It has a wonderful feel of the everyday about it – each day being full of opportunities.

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