Well, bless me!

For the one who believes in it, a blessing can signal the start of a journey of transformation.*
John O’Donohue

The unrelenting day will soon begin with all its rush and push.

Perhaps bless yourself before entering the thrall … with some words, some quietness, some centring.

Allowing these to sink deep into you, shaping you towards shaping your day.

If you find some words that touch you deeply, you may also try writing them on a slip of paper and popping them into the storage of a jar, to be pulled out and blessed by on another day … which is what journaling can be about.

*From John O’Donohue’s Benedictus.

2 thoughts on “Well, bless me!

  1. Long ago, I printed and snipped many bits of paper with words that inspire and scattered them about in random places… books, drawers, baskets, pottery. I even kept fortune cookie fortunes that spoke to me. Over the years, these messengers became ‘invisible while still in front of me’…. seen again, later, only as the need arose. The slips carried the same words as before, but they offered a new insight. All of this, a revered, mystical event.

    My life is full… so now I ask for nothing and offer blessings to others… just as this note is intended.

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