Magic things

The world is full of magic things, waiting patiently for our senses to grow stronger.*
William Butler Yeats

The way of seeing that I am speaking about can be accessed by any, regardless of ethnic origin or religious background, for it is a way of seeing that is based on what the soul already deeply knows, that both the earth and every human being are sacred.**
Philip Newell

Truth is one thing, wisdom is how we grow when we open ourselves to it.

The doodle is based on an inscription a woman in her eighties had made in one of Philip Newell’s books in which he emphasised the truth of the light of the divine in everyone, rather than the doctrine of original sin.

The woman had written in her copy, “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!” All her life she had known this, but finally she had heard it spoke out.

May your senses grow stronger.

*William Butler Yeats, quoted in Jonah Paquette’s Awestruck;
**From John Philip Newll’s Sacred Earth Sacred Soul.

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