The curiouser

she was observant, curious about who other people were and what they were doing*
Richard Sennett

The “curious idiot” approach can serve you well if you can quiet your ego long enough to perform it. A curious idiot is unafraid to ask stupid questions. Every stupid question you ask takes a teeny, tiny act of courage. Sometimes you have to muster the will to push the words out of your lips.**
Austin Kleon

How many questions do I ask on a good day?

I’m not sure, but I hope a lot.

I’m always aware that I have a lot of questions to ask of those I’m working with, but I want to ask even more.

I am curious, not nosey, the reveal is for others, not me.

Curiosity is not the problem, telling is.

And telling is on the rise.

We haven’t got the time to ask, telling is more efficient.

There’s no denying that curiosity is slow.

It’s how we are led to wonder and to awe, whether in a sunset, an idea or a person.

The curiouser is one who is slowing down to notice more and to inquire.

The opening words are Richard Sennett’s description of Jane Jacobs, an activist and writer who stood against the post-war planners and designers who wanted to force their bold, powerful and efficient designs upon urban populations, form over content as it were.

*From Richard Sennett’s Building and Dwelling;
**From Austin Kleon’s blog: Ignorant, but curious.

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