Imperfect is our truth

All work and life exist within an imperfect space. … Imperfect spaces are your friend. … Imperfect is a superpower if you know how to use it.*
David Wolstencroft

Imperfect is my truth, and when I am prepared to own this then I am able to move in the direction of my hopes and dreams.

I do not have to be perfect, the other person does not have to be perfect, the situation doesn’t have to be perfect, the timing doesn’t have to be perfect:

Life is hard
I am not as special as we think
My life is not about me
I am not in control
I am going to die.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick … begin/keep going.**

*David Wolstencroft, quoted in gapingvoid’s blog: Imperfect is a superpower;
**Or, Check, check, check, check, check … start/keep going.


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