Go to your enough

There is always enough for everyone, if you share it properly, or if it has been shared properly before you got there.  There is enough food, enough love, enough homes, enough time, enough crayon, enough people to be friends to each other.*
Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

Most of humanity is so enchanted with its False (concocted) Self that it has largely doubted and rejected – or ever known – its True Self.  And so it lives in anxiety and insecurity.  We have to put so much time into creating it that we cannot imagine this False Self not being true – or not being “me.”
Richard Rohr

I really like the word enough

It is such a comforting and promising word: to have a sufficiency.

Of course, if we don’t know how to find our enough then we can’t value it and use it. We may end up in some chase for more.

The irony is, we’ll most likely discover that we have more than enough.

One place to discover enough is by identifying your energies.

Notice when you are really energised by something. Normally this will be just before or just after engaging in some activity or other because while you are engaged you are fully in the flow.

When you have two or three things, look more closely at what you were doing (this will show you your skills), why you were doing it (this will indicate you values), who you were doing it with or for (this will reveal your relationships), and when you were doing it (e.g., starting or finishing, which will show you your priorities).

Enjoy your enough.

*The Fairy Godmother, from Rebecca Solnit’s Cinderella Liberator;
**From Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond.

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