To the interface

Life separates meaning from emotion, art unites them.*
Robert McKee

Everyone acknowledges that great progress is made at the interface, but who is there to defend the interface?**
Arturo Casadevall

Yuval Noah Harari writes about how,

Even if someone is born with a particular talent it will usually remain latent if it is not fostered, honed and exercised. Not all people get the same chance to cultivate and refine their abilities.^

This is one of the world’s greatest tragedies. Please don’t let it be true of you. Indeed, if you do what you must do then there is a higher possibility that others will do what they must do.

It’s why I try to help people find their story for bringing their everyday and their teleological together.

More than this, our story is a place of unfolding as we free ourselves to wander and explore, beyond some expertise or other, to be a discoverer across fields and domains.

This is the interface and I must go to mine and you must go to yours:

From the disparity between the immensity of the possible and the smallness of the human being there springs the moment and the energy of the flâneur.^^

*From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: How to Make Action Emotional;
**Arturo Casadevall, quoted in David Epstein’s Range:
^From Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens;
^^From Federico Castigliano’s Flâneur.

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