Traipsing through the infinite

Focusing narrowly on many fine details specific to a problem at hand feels like the exact right thing to do, when it is often exactly wrong.*
David Epstein

We reshape ourselves as we write.**
Ross MacDonald

We reshape ourselves as we wander, too.

Thank you to Federico Castigliano for the word traipse: another great word for wandering.

Every morning, I traipse through words and pictures in books and online, both intrigued and inspired by this growing partnership for understanding to activeness. Here’s one such purveyor of words and image, Edward Carey.

This is how I make a book: by hiding from writing by drawing, or the other way around.^^

So, I am out and about, traipsing, wandering, through words and pictures, in what feels to be far more infinite experience. All too soon, I will be called back “inside,” into the finite, into the various activities of the day, but carrying, I hope, some infinite in my heart and mind.

*From David Epstein’s Range;
**Ross MacDonald, quoted in Peter Turchi’s A Muse and a Maze;
^From Federico Castigliano’s Flâneur;
^^Edward Carey, quoted in Austin Kleon’s blog: My interview with writer and artist Edward Carey.

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