Bless you

The gift of the world is our first blessing.*
(John O’Donohue)

The function of the artist is the mytholisation of the environment and the world.**
(Joseph Campbell)

Coming to the end of his book about love, Jonah Lehrer writes,

The world is defined by scarcity: there’s never enough of anything.^

What we forget and must remember, though, is that,

Each life is clothed in raiment of spirit that secretly links it to everything else.*

Abundance is discovered in connection, and this discovery leads us into our creative artfulness: we have enough time, security, talent. Indeed, these may come from something deep within us and we’re not sure how it got there:

We are all haunted by something deep inside us, and often a lot of our best work is the result of us trying to come to terms with this.^^

*From John O’Donohue’s Benedictus;
**From Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth;
^From Jonah Lehrer’s A Book About Love;
^^From gapingvoid’s blog: Spiritual redemption.

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