The stylistic cave

I think copying someone’s work is the fastest way to learn certain things about drawing and line.  It’s funny how there is such a taboo against it. I learned everything from just copying other people’s work.*
(Lynda Barry)

True worth for such a person inheres in the creative spirit, and the objects of the world move accordingly, not to see other illusory value.**
(Lewis Hyde)

This article in Futurity encourages leaders to spend time reflecting at the beginning of the day on the kind of leader they want to be, if they want to be more effective.

You don’t have to be a leader to benefit from this practice.

Whatever we do, we can spend time the beginning of your day pondering and playing with how others have done similar things to what we want to do, imagining ways to innovate, and then to use the day to make something original.

We might call it our stylistic cave where we listen to others and come to hone your own voice:

Ars tua vocem tuam: your voice is your art.

*Lynda Barry, quoted in Austin Kleon’s blog: Copying is how we learn;
**From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift;
^A term borrowed from George Saunders: Austin Kleon’s blog: Getting out from under the influence.

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