Into the wilderness

And there’s a special kind of resilience that comes from the level of scrutiny that happens in the wilderness. I know those experiences left me with a truer belief in myself and a much stronger sense of when I’m not being true to what I think is right.*
(Peter Carroll)

We will always need to be humble enough to accept our heart knows why we are here.**
(Paulo Coelho)

We can hear ourselves think and breath in the wilderness, feel our feelings, notice our energies.

No distractions, no razzmatazz, no gimmicks.

Just time and listening and awareness.

Dreamwhispering is an invitation to step into the wilderness.

Nothing swish or complicated, so we can step into a person’s complexity.

*Pete Carroll, quoted in BrenĂ© Brown’s Braving the Wilderness;
**From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.

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