Out of my way

The urge to make something is a precious energy.*
(Alex Pellew and Martin Amor)

More often than not, I am the person in my way.

I have found myself wondering about the missed opportunities to take what I really want to do further.

Too many times and too many regrets.

But life has a way of continuing to bring opportunities our way, so much so that it looks as if life isn’t linear but helical.

This matters to me because I want to make something.

We all do.

In story terms, this is the through line:

The through line is the invisible thread that pulls the reader or listener through the story, from event to event. You can think of the through line as your story’s theme, conveying what the story is about.**

I am grateful for this idea of the through line.

It tells me I haven’t completely missed the plot, or if I get off-track, where to come back to and be ready for the next opportunity, which tends to be when things get hairy:

When you feel that rush of fear as you put your point of view, your art, or your idea out into the world, this is not an invitation to step back into the shadows; it’s a sign that you are at the edge, right where you should be, exploring how things might be.*

It’s up to me now not to get in my way.

*From Martin Amor and Alex Pellew’s The Idea in You;
**From Bernadette Jiwa’s What Great Storytellers Know.

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