Grand designs

Discovering the right medium is often a tidal moment in the creative life of an individual. … Creativity can be inhibited by the wrong medium.*
(Ken Robinson)

many of us have a shot at creating experiences and projects whose effects can continue longe after we are gone**
(Victoria Labalme)

In 2006, newly arrived in Edinburgh, I sought to make connections with people and began meeting with a group of artists who would meet up over lunch to support one another.

The introductions shared what each artist used as their medium.

Then it was my turn.


People, I said.

I wasn’t really sure about this, but as I said it, I knew I liked it.

I like it even more today.

It’s not about making people, but freeing them from what constrains, not unlike the characters Michelangelo saw within the blocks of stone he selected for his art.

All of which makes me wonder, what’s your favourite medium for bringing something meaningful into the world?

*From Sir Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds;
**Victoria Labalme, from her post for gapingvoid: Risk Forward: Victoria Labalme.

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