Am I real or did I just make me up?

That which we call imagination is from the first an attribute of the senses themselves; imagination is not a separate mental faculty (as we so often assume) but is rather the way the senses themselves have of throwing themselves beyond what is immediately given, in order to make tentative contact with the other sides of things that we do not sense directly, with the hidden or invisible aspects of the sensible.*
(David Abram)

The imagination is my daemon because it is my best friend and my worst enemy. It is my twin because I am my own best friend and worst enemy.**
(Mary Ruefle)

I made this up and it’s a real blog.

A moment ago, it didn’t exist but now it does.

Life is powered by imagination, flying behind everything humans have ever made and done, good or bad, as Mary Ruefle helps us to acknowledge.

The more we know – from our seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, wrapped in thinking and feeling – the more we’re able to imagine.

More than ever in human history more people have access to knowledge and are able to connect this to the natural world though which they pass sensuously.

Every day is pregnant with possibility.

Michael Bhaskar writes about curation, which is another word for story,

Curation is where acts of selecting and arranging add value. … At its broadest curation is a way of managing abundance.^

Margaret Wise Brown declared,

The first great wonder at the world is big in me.^^

That’s quite something for an adult to claim, and wonderful, too. This is Brown’s story for herself: it’s made up and it’s real.

Imagination is how we touch the invisible or not-yet and bring it into being.

Imaginationn is real, it’s there to be grown each day and it’s good for us:

The imagination keeps the heart young. When the imagination is alive, the life remains youthful.*^

(This blog is powered by books, solitude, journaling, blogs, pictures, long gazes, God, the universe and porridge.)

*David Abram, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Ecologist and Philosopher David Abram on the Language of Nature and the secret Wisdom of the More-Than-Human World;
**From Mary Ruefle’s On Imagination;
^From Michael Bhaskar’s Curation;
^^Margaret Wise Brown, quoted in Bruce Handy’s Wild Things;
*^From John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty.

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