The grateful living

It’s your responsibility to set your future self up for as much opportunity, success, and joy as possible. This is how you become the person and create the life you want, rather than becoming someone with regret. Describe your future self.*
(Ben Hardy)

The soul is never at home in the social world that we inhabit. It is too large for our contained, managed lives.**
(John O’Donohue)

Seeing is everything.

When we sow gladness and gratitude we produce generosity for others to harvest.

To see our lives for what they are and to grow them as large as we can is about sowing.

That we end up with more than we need is for others.

Life is not linear. When you follow your own true north you create new opportunities, meet different people, have different experiences and create a different life.^

*From Benjamin Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent;
**From John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty;
^From Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds.

2 thoughts on “The grateful living

  1. I like John O’Donohue’s words especially – he delivers his thoughts in poetic ways.

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