How we shed light

Why is it no other species but man gets bored? Under the circumstances in which a man gets bored, a dog goes to sleep.*
(Walker Percy)

When you grow up
and have children of your own
do please remember
something important
a stodgy parent is no fun at all.
What a child wants
and deserves
is a parent who is

(Roald Dahl)

If we want to be people of light rather than people of dark, it occurs to me that the best place to begin is to find our Must, the thing we must do before we pop our clogs, that not only excites us but make a difference in the lives of others.

Boredom is often our call to make something happen.

An there are as many different lights to be shed as there are people.

*From Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos;
**From Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the World.

2 thoughts on “How we shed light

  1. I live Lewis Hyde’s The Gift for opening up the meaning of the gift in a scholarly way.

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