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Leaders make art and artists lead.*
(Seth Godin)

Whoever the leaders are (I’m using leader in the widest sense), whatever their fields of interest and expertise, they have borrowed from others the “materials” for their “art.”

The best know they must not allow the limits of their worldview to get in the way of what may be out there to be explored:

A worldview is the shortcut, the lens each of us uses when we see the world. It’s our assumptions and biases and yes, stereotypes about the world around us.**

They move to the edge of their worldview, opening their minds to others: opening their hearts, they step outside into the worlds of others; and they create new and improved worldviews when they open their will and make their art.

Rohit Bhargava adds further nuance to this journey via his lens of curation – we must be: curious, dislodging ourselves from the centre of our worldview, observant as we look out into the larger world of others, fickle as we gather as many ideas as possible rather than being fixated on the few, thoughtful as we consider what the new-to-us means for others and can mean for us, and, elegant as we make something new and beautiful.^

Life calls us to this journey every day, giving us incredible energies to employ:

What counts is not so much whether a person actually achieves what she set out to do; rather it matters whether effort has been expended to reach the goal, instead of being diffused or wasted.^^

Mihály Csikszentmihalyi is helping us to see something about our lives from another perspective, continuing:

The meaning of life is meaning: whatever it is, wherever it comes from, a unified purpose is what gives meaning to life.^^

We are all creators of meaning and as we live towards this meaning, the “art” we produce will also become the materials useful for others around us and who follow towards the making of their art.

*From Seth Godin’s The Practice.
**From Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.
^From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2019.
^^From Mihály Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow.)

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