Open to the inauthentic

What have you and I been put on this Earth to do? Is it not the creation of the “inauthentic,” that is the purposefully crafted, in order to deliver to others the gift and simulacrum of authenticity? That’s why they call it Art, and why, in some crazy way, it’s realer than real and truer than true.*
(Steven Pressfield)

Inauthenticity is about who we can become rather than who we are; it is about openness rather than closedness.

It may mean someone chooses not to explode when their buttons are pressed. It may mean someone steps out of their tribe and walks a different path. It may mean sitting down with someone who is completely different and listening deeply to them. It may mean leaving something better instead of walking on by.

It strikes me that inauthenticity is connected to a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. I am not the final me and you are not the final you.

(*Steven Pressfield, quoted in Seth Godin’s The Practice.)

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