The front edge

We fail and then we edit and then we do it again.*
(Seth Godin)

When we’re born we are thrust to the front edge of life, and with that comes vulnerability. Our parents keep us safe and then we have to take over, but sometimes we make ourselves too safe. If we want to live our lives at the front edge of something important – not necessarily large or recognised by the masses – then vulnerability has to be embraced:

Failure is the foundation of your work.*

So writes Seth Godin. On another occasion he penned a line that has remained with me ever since I first read it:

Fail and fail and fail again.**

Editing, or reflection, allows us to fail smarter and better each time towards the beautiful possibility off getting things right, making things better, making a difference.

Keep playing at the front edge of what captures your heart.

(*From Seth Godin’s The Practice.)
(**If only I could remember the book.)

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