The art that helps us see further

Devorah teaches philosophy at London University and is a follower of Spinoza. I asked if she would sit for me so that I might draw her. I’ve never been drawn! she replied. And then she started talking , questioning, wondering, and I drew her.*
(John Berger)

You don’t climb up to your True Self. You fall into it, so don’t avoid all falling.**
(Richard Rohr)

I’ve been reading through accounts of scientists working on challenges they may never see the results of in their lifetime. This kind of commitment comes from a deeper place than the mind; it comes from hearts and souls.

We must find the thing that gives us such joy, that extends the reach of your lives, helping us to see ourselves ad our work differently. Rainer Maria Rilke writes,

Art always promises the most distant and then even more remote future, and for this reason the crowd that passionately reaches for the nearest future will always be of an iconoclastic bent.^

I found myself wondering whether Devorah began to see herself differently when drawn by artist John Berger.

I wonder how identifying our art helps us to see ourselves differently, together with the work that we must do.

(*From John Berger’s Bento’s Sketchbook.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond.)
(^From Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters on Life.)

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