Thank you for today

All work and life exists within an imperfect space. […] Imperfect spaces are your friend. […] Imperfect is a superpower if you know how to use it.*
(David Wolstencroft)

gratitude is a soil in which egotism tends not to grow**
(David Brooks)

I can do little about tomorrow, but today is a different matter.

Here are competencies we are each capable of developing and making the most of this day:

Reflection to stop and notice.
Apprehension to be open to possibility.
Imagination to begin playing with said possibility.
Synchronisation to make it personal and something that will change us in the process.
Designing to begin making this possibility tangible.
Creation to bring this possibility into being.^

(*From David Wolstencroft’s post for gapingvoid’s blog: Imperfect is a superpower.)
(**From David Brooks’ The Second Mountain.)
(^Six future protocols from my friend and mentor Alex McManus.)

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